Sheltie Rescue & Rehoming

NSW & ACT, Australia 


Do you want to give a special Sheltie a forever home? We deal with rescues, surrenders, member ex-show dogs & private rehomes.

Or, are you looking to rehome your own Sheltie? Or perhaps just need some support?

We are here to help!


Please contact us via our dedicated Facebook Page: 
NSW Sheltie Rescue & Rehoming

Or, email the Rescue Officer - Luan Hall :  [email protected] 

An initiative of the Shetland Sheepdog Club of NSW Inc - In January 2007, the Club decided to have a fully supported and organised Sheltie Rescue Service for the state.
After calling for volunteers, a team was formed from Club Members throughout the state. The purpose of this Service is to locate, pick up, assess, rehabilitate, and re-home Shetland Sheepdogs in need.
Shelties are not surrendered very often, but sadly it does happen, or they get lost or somehow become separated from their family. Sometimes their owner simply becomes too frail to care for them. They are still the sweet little Shelties they always were and need someone new to love them!
Rescue Shelties sometimes come with 'special needs' or are quite old and very often veterinary costs are incurred, as well as vaccinations, worming, flea treatments, and other general incidentals.
To cover the expenses incurred in rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing a Sheltie we ask the new owner to contribute toward these costs. No profit is made, and the volunteers do not get paid.  In fact, they usually donate petrol, food, and time freely for the love of the breed.

If you would like to donate toward assisting the Sheltie Club to help these lost and abandoned Shelties, please see our rescue bank account details below.  These funds are solely used to pay veterinary expenses and to provide whatever is needed to re-home Shelties that have been rescued.  

Name: The Shetland Sheepdog Club of NSW Inc - Rescue Account

BSB:  032274 
Number:  183445

Bank: Westpac

Send your receipt to:  [email protected]