2018 September Show

Shetland Sheepdog Club of NSW 30 Sep 2018 show

Judge Mrs Pauline Brennan-Lim - Aliste Shelties


Shetland Sheepdog Club of NSW Inc Championship Show critique.

Firstly I would like to thank the Committee for the opportunity to judge your Specialty. I had a lovely day enjoying the weather and seeing some lovely Shelties. Thanks also to Garry and Danielle Dryburgh for looking after me during the day.

Please keep in mind when reading this critique, that I judge Shelties for what I like about them and generally not what I don’t like and also for what benefits they can provide to the overall betterment of the breed.


Best in Show - Sup Ch Louanda Frequent Flyer     Runner up Best in Show - Ch. Brashelle Scrumdiddlyumptious

Baby Puppy Dog.

  1. Hartly The Jewel Thief.

    Baby of nearly 6 months with a very good outline and strong topline. Lovely neck, strong legs and feet. Moving very well for his age. Overall very promising.


Puppy Dog.

1.Ch. Deerod Don’t You Know Its Magic- Best Puppy in Show

Very glamourous puppy with a super coat. The coat however, can swallow his neck up, on the move. Lovely neck and outline on the stack. Excellent head planes and ears. Covers ground on the side gait but a bit close coming towards, today. Was a little unsettled at times but type won out. Very promising puppy.


       2.  Cheralay As If By Magic.

             Similar in type to the winner. Topline not quite as strong. Moving adequately for his age.


          3.  Beauideal Turn On The Charm.

             Smaller puppy, very happy on the day. Lovely size, good head type, good ears and expression. Did not  have      the  forequarter angulation of 1st and 2nd. Balanced gait on the move.


Junior Dog.

  1. Scotsdream Rekindle The Spark.

    A good sized dog with a lovely outline. Well balanced head with good ears and expression. Really stretched out on the move. Excellent solid topline.


  2. Brashelle Back To You

    Smallish Blue Merle dog with the sweetest head and expression. Body a bit too compact for me and a little restricted in front. Overall colour was lovely.



Intermediate Dog

  1. Hartly How About That.

    Handsome gold boy with a super outline and solid topline. Very dark eye and overall good expression. Would prefer a little more chin. Moving true coming forward but a bit close in the rear moving away.


  2. Ronashill Blue Tycoon

    Blue Merle dog with good colour, head and ears. Topline a little soft and shoulder angles not as good as the winner. Toeing out a little behind.


  3. Tisman Tayla Ina Tux

    Tri boy with a solid head. Expression not quite as sweet as 1st and 2nd. Good topline on the move and covered the ground well. Lacking a little coat.


Australian Bred Dog

  1. Ch. Sheldan Mile High- Reserve Challenge Dog

Good head and expression, carrying a slightly better neck than 2nd. Excellent coat and outline. Could do with a little more shoulder angle but overall balanced gait and showed well.

      2. Ch. Daydream Darius

Very similar type to 1st place winner, slightly shorter in body. Balanced gait. Shoulder angulation not quite as good as 1st.Slightly longer in head but still balanced.


Open Dog

  1. Sup. Ch. Louanda Frequent Flyer- Challenge Dog. Best in Show

Gold dog of substance. Very good coat and outline. Good legs and feet. Could do with a little more underjaw and would prefer a slightly better angled forequarter. Showed very well and really looked the part of a winner.


     2.  Ch. Bluescot Bravado

Shaded sable dog whose coat colour was stunning. This boy was quite over weight which hampered his movement. Good neck and topline and overall outline.


    3.   Tizman The Gentleman has Swagger

           Good sized dog who didn’t much like the table. Good neck and expression. Good coat. Toeing out in the rear when moving away.



Baby Puppy Bitch

  1. Deerod That’s the Way It Is


    A nicely shaped gold girl with a good strong topline. Sweet head and expression. Good feet. Stretches out nicely, once she gets going.


  2. Lizneb Sykes Ov Diamonds


    Very similar in type to 1st place. Good body and movement for a baby. Lovely head and expression. Very promising.


  3. Bluescot Bewitched


    Pretty tri-colour with a good outline and solid topline. Lovely ears. A bit narrow in front at the moment and didn’t stretch out as much as 1 and 2 on the move.


Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Daydream Devil Inside

Very petite tri-colour with a good neck, topline and overall outline. Moving out well but a little close in front.

     2. Tisman Sayou Sayme

      Another very nice tri-colour. Very close decision in this class, but this little girl, wasn’t quite as settled as 1st place winner. Good legs, feet and tail. Overall promising puppy.


Puppy Bitch

  1. Summerset Game Breaker


    This girl had a lovely head, ears and expression but I wouldn’t want her any taller. Good strong topline with balanced gait. Good legs and feet.


  2. Thurrana Toskana

    Pretty gold girl. Ears a little light and croup seems too cut off. Good coat and neck and movement fairly balanced.


  3. Cheralay Meant To Be

Another gold girl of good size. Pretty head, ears and expression Moving a little close behind.

Junior Bitch

  1. Cheralay How Enchanting


    Very pretty gold girl with lovely head, expression and good ears. Covering ground well in profile but moving a bit wide coming forward. Topline not as strong as would like.

Intermediate Bitch

  1. Ch. Brashelle Galactic Crisis- Reserve Challenge Bitch

Lovely blue girl with a very sweet head and expression covered the ground fairly well. Very alert bitch and her blue colour was very clear.

     2. Ch. Deerod Etoile Brillante

          A sable bitch of similar style to 1st place. Solid topline very pretty head and expression. Covered the ground well. Not a lot between 1st and 2nd.


     3.   Ch. Juzvee Just Me

Very sturdy bitch of larger proportions. Very good head and eye with super solid topline. Excellent mover. I rewarded this girl’s conformation.


Australian Bred Bitch

  1. Ch. Nedusr Love Me Like U Do


    Shaded sable girl of good size, lovely head and expression. Good legs and feet and covers adequate ground on the move, albeit moving a little close in front and behind.


Open Bitch

  1. Ch. Brashelle Scrumdiddlyumptious- Challenge Bitch, R/Up to Best in Show

A lovely blue bitch with a great head and expression. Very good overall balance. Very sound with good legs and feet and covering the ground so well. She’s a real showgirl.

     2.  Sup. Ch. Hartly Shine On Me

I loved this very petite 7 year old sable girl. Lovely head and expression. Very good balance and outline. Unfortunately not in coat and moving a little wide in front today.

      3.  Ch. Bluescot Embellished

Bigger bi-blue girl who was quite sound and of good colour. Good head planes and shows very well.


Neuter Bitch- Best Neuter

  1. Ch. Summerset Heart Breaker.